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Even in these changing times and new technology, our society continues to rely on the trucking industry to move goods and supplies. With more people ordering and tracking items than ever before, hiring a trucking logistics company is the wise choice for every business. We are Ridgetop Trucking & Excavation LLC – a reputable and trustworthy provider of reliable truck transportation. Learn more about the specifics of our trucking service in Vernal, UT from the information on this page.

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Belly Dump Trucking

Belly Dump Trucking

We specialize in belly dump trucking for residential and commercial clients. We own a fleet of heavy-duty trucking equipment to move and deliver various materials and supplies for construction, pavement installation, and other projects. Trying to ensure the safety of our staff, reliability of our machines, and the total satisfaction of our clients, we are ready to discuss the details of your venture and provide you with all the information you need in advance. 

Pneumatic Trucking

Pneumatic Trucking

Trying to meet the growing transport needs of our community, we invest in different types of trucks and other equipment. Highly efficient pneumatic tankers are a significant part of our fleet. They contain vacuum-sealed, enclosed tanks to protect all the sensitive goods we transport from moisture and contaminants. We use a highly advanced pneumatic system to unload the tank. Contact our company to schedule your reliable pneumatic trucking service now.

Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed Trucking

Our well-maintained flatbed commercial vehicles are at your service to transport large or unusually-shaped freight. They have an open deck and are the perfect solution to transport and deliver cars, vans, construction & agricultural equipment, firewood, timber, etc. We keep our flatbed trucks in immaculate condition to make sure they serve our clients safely and professionally. Turn to our experienced team for more information now.

Superior Dump Trucking Services by Ridgetop Trucking & Excavation LLC

Our Advantageous Work

Do you need a more efficient way of transporting certain materials in an organized fashion? Do you need to be able to deliver large loads of gravel, sand, or dirt to specific locations where a traditional truck might not fit due to its rising bed? Our trustworthy trucking company can assist you with different solutions following the specifics of your undertaking and your personal needs. We offer cost-effective services that will also ensure the safety of our cargo.

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The Right Techniques

Our flatbed trucking company implements the most efficient working methods that abide by the industry-validated codes and guidelines. We never cut corners to save money! Our trained, responsive, and reliable team of operators, dispatchers, and drivers will remain by your side during the entire project, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Call us for a free quote now.

Some Other Locations We Visit Feel free to reach our prestigious company for dependable trucking services not only in Vernal, UT but in these neighborhoods as well:

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Efficient and reliable Flatbed Trucking Company

If you want to know more about our services and pricing policy, contact Ridgetop Trucking & Excavation LLC for all your needs. We will be glad to talk to you and discuss the specifics of your project with you. We can help you, call us now. 

Jenifer Weeks
Jenifer Weeks


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I have been working with this exceptional trucking company for several years now. They organize my heavy hauls, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of their work and professionalism. I recommend them for the success of your business too.

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