Flatbed Trucking Company Factors in Pricing

Flatbed Trucking Rates to Consider!

You base flatbed shipping charges in part on your fixed expenses when creating an estimate or scheduling a cargo. For your business, pricing, distance, and fuel costs will be greatly influenced by the weight, size, value, and classification of the freight. Flatbed transportation rates are affected by additional factors, though. Storms may necessitate particular management or the closure of lanes. Another possibility that could affect demand is the rerouting of trucks. How much does a flatbed trucking company charge, considering these things?

Freight Weight

The price of heavier cargo will be higher overall, even though it will cost less per hundred pounds. Fuel prices are also impacted by cargo weight. The amount of gasoline required to carry a certain amount of freight increases with its weight.


Additional costs might be added if you or your drivers deviate from your usual service lanes or routes. Loads that need to be unloaded or relocated to shipping centers will take longer and necessitate longer waits.

Needed Equipment Type

A variety of distinct trailer designs are capable of carrying out open-deck shipping. There is a trailer made to handle whatever needs to be moved, from the conventional flatbed trailer to step-decks and lowboy trailers. Nevertheless, there is a substantial price difference between each style of trailer. The drivers who operate more complex trailers must have expensive, specific training and fine-tuned skills.

Fuel Cost

Each state and region has its taxation and cost structures for diesel fuel. The shipping channel you use and the distance trucks must drive to reach their destination may affect how much fuel you use. Fuel costs are also rising, similar to freight rates.

Demand and Supply

Due to increased demand, van and reefer charges have gone up. Rates have risen more slowly because flatbed demand is predominantly driven by industrial sectors with lengthy production cycles. Demand should steadily rise as those industries continue to improve, which will affect flatbed trucking prices.

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